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Three Tips for Acing Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are powerful career management tools. They typically take the form of short meetings with accomplished professionals who examine your career and share their insight and experience. They often address such questions as whether you should switch industries, move to a different firm, take an international assignment, or become an entrepreneur.

Best of 2016: Career Management

What were the best articles on career management from the past year? Julia VanDeren highlights one from each month of 2016.

The Words We Long to Hear: Well Done!

We asked readers of CFA Institute Financial Newsbrief whose recognition they valued the most when they accomplish something in their jobs. It turns out, hearing from a happy client or getting a compliment from firm leaders may go further than we think.

The Job Market for Analysts: How to Ride a Swinging Pendulum

The job market for analysts today is more competitive than ever, and reaching the top requires a different skillset than was expected of previous generations.

Job Boards and Career Management

If you only visit online job boards when you are actively searching for a job or after a bad week at work — those times when you think to yourself, "There has to be something better than this" — then you might miss out on much of the value they can provide your career management efforts.

Weekend Reads: In Search of Meaning

Meaning is hard to pin down both personally and professionally, a cruel irony for those attempting to make change, writes Sloane Ortel in this week's edition of Weekend Reads.

Finding the Right Job to Target

For today's finance professional, job searches will be more successful the more specific they are. If you conduct your search with nebulous ideas about your job targets, you risk marketing yourself in too general a way. Giving real thought to how you identify your target roles will improve your whole job search.

Career Risks: What They Are and Why We Have to Take Them

Have you taken risks with your career? We asked readers of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief whether they took chances in their professional lives and how they feel about having taken them or, conversely, having avoided them.

Lucy Kellaway on Being Fearful, and Fearfully Driven

“Fear has defined my working life,” Lucy Kellaway says. But it was not the fear that she inspired in others or the fear that others attempted to instill in her. She was driven by a self-imposed fear of “being found out,” a fear that she would fail to meet expectations. That fear was her greatest weapon.

Hiring a Career Coach: Is It Worth It?

When is it worth hiring your own career coach? And what kind of a coach — “career,” “executive,” “life,” “business,” “branding” — do you need anyway?