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Takeaways from the Careers in Finance Forum 2014

While the Careers in Finance Forum 2014 was primarily designed for a student audience, I found there were several points touched on or discussed which are relevant at many stages of your career and worth occasional reminders. I’d like to share and elaborate on a few of them here.

Why Personal Branding Matters to Your Career Now

Personal branding is not new, but it has taken on a distinct buzz in the past few years. Like networking and most other career management strategies, personal branding can be most impactful if you start doing it well before you need to.

Career Management: So Much More Than Job Searching

Career management is about much more than just your job search efforts. Acknowledging that your full range of professional development efforts are career management ones as well and being intentional about them from a career management perspective is certainly a more impactful way of viewing career management.

What Is the Role of Merit in a Mutual Fund Manager’s Career? (Podcast)

Merit plays a substantial role in the length of a mutual fund manager’s career. Notably, managers who underperform their peers are more likely to lose their jobs.

Recommended Books for Your Career Development in 2014

The beginning of a calendar year is a great time to give your career management efforts a bit of extra attention. That’s even truer for those whose performance reviews happen on a calendar year cycle.

Learn to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career (Podcast)

Miriam Salpeter, author of Social Networking for Career Success, explains the importance of social media as a channel to enhance your professional reputation and to become known as a thought leader in your field. She offers practical advice and instruction on how to leverage specific functionality that can help you brand and differentiate yourself.

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