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Finding the Right Job to Target

For today's finance professional, job searches will be more successful the more specific they are. If you conduct your search with nebulous ideas about your job targets, you risk marketing yourself in too general a way. Giving real thought to how you identify your target roles will improve your whole job search.

Is a Leadership Role Right for You?

You are the only one responsible for deciding the course of your career, so it is important that you think carefully about whether moving into a leadership or people-management role is right for you.

Three Tips for Building a High-Impact Resume

Career coach Dennis Grady offered valuable advice on constructing an effective resume in a recent webinar. Julia VanDeren breaks his insights down into three critical pointers.

NexChange Hopes to Unite Financial Services in One Social Media Network

NexChange is a new social network designed exclusively for financial industry professionals. While there are other such networks in existence that are more niche, NexChange is unique in that it does not focus on the hustling and huckstering of investment securities. Instead, this is a network designed to help you maximize your career in financial services.

What to Consider When Starting Your Own Firm

If you're like many financial professionals, your ultimate career goal might be building your own firm. How do you know if it's the right move? And, if you think it is, how do you go about getting started? Bestselling author Beverly Flaxington explored some of the essential things you need to think about when you are considering going into the finance business for yourself.

Effective Salary Negotiation

The endgame of salary negotiation is a fair arrangement with your employer where the terms of your employment — the work you will do, the goals you will accomplish, the metrics that define success, and the way you will be compensated — set you up for long-term achievement. So how do you get there?

Best of 2014: Career Insights

In this season of Best of 2014 selections, I decided to highlight five Enterprising Investor posts from 2014 that address career management themes.

Takeaways from the Careers in Finance Forum 2014

While the Careers in Finance Forum 2014 was primarily designed for a student audience, I found there were several points touched on or discussed which are relevant at many stages of your career and worth occasional reminders. I’d like to share and elaborate on a few of them here.

Why Personal Branding Matters to Your Career Now

Personal branding is not new, but it has taken on a distinct buzz in the past few years. Like networking and most other career management strategies, personal branding can be most impactful if you start doing it well before you need to.

Career Management Stategy: Declare Your Goals

I recently attended a conference for talent management, learning and development, and recruiting professionals at financial services firms. Listening to the presentations and discussions among attendees over two days, the following career management strategy emerged in my mind as one worth some attention and emphasis: Tell your employer your career goals.

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