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Career Conversations: Uncovering Behavioral Styles (Video)

Every behavioral style can present as a strength or a weakness depending on the circumstances and what other styles are in the mix, so awareness of them is critically important to building and improving your professional relationships.

Career Conversations: The Process of Personal Branding (Video)

Personal branding is essential in differentiating and marketing yourself. Here are some of the keys to a successful personal branding process.

Tips for Building Relational Equity (Video)

Career coach Paula Fitzgerald Boos offers helpful tips on improving your networking ability.

Poll: How Long Did It Take for You to Get Your First Finance Job?

"How long will it take me to find my first job?" This question tends to weigh heavy on the hearts and minds of young finance professionals (and their families and friends) as they search for their first full-time job. Polishing your CV, digging up job ads, identifying recruiters and contacts, and waiting to be called for an interview are all a test of nerves. But how long does a job search really take? When we asked the readers of the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief, we learned that the job search time frame varies a lot.

Advice on How to Become a Research Analyst

A frequent question we receive at CFA Institute is, "What can I do to improve my chances of getting hired as a research analyst?" Beyond the obvious — become a CFA charterholder — there are a number of other steps that aspiring analysts may take in my opinion.

Career Conversations: Formulas for a Successful Resume (Podcast)

A new year always affords us a great opportunity to review the documents we use to market ourselves, such as a resume or CV. This interview with professional resume writer Jared Redick provides some powerful tips for improving one's resume.

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