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CFA Institute Annual Conference

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Secular Sabbath, Fiduciary Standard, and Investing

Take time to pause this weekend, even if it's to read an article or two you didn't get around to earlier in the week, or to carve out some time to just "be" and not "do."

The Future of Finance: Ten Key Talks from the 67th CFA Institute Annual Conference

Some of the most fascinating presentations this year covered the limits of fundamental analysis, took issue with the utility of hedge funds, and highlighted the "economics of good and evil."

Kyle Bass: Central Bankers Are Building Potemkin Villages to Deceive Us

The prominent hedge fund manager, who believes that policymakers are simply shifting the day of reckoning into the future, updated his thesis on Japan.

Nobel Prize Winner Thomas Sargent on Risk, Ambiguity, and Investment Decision Making

The New York University professor contends that investors often mistake ambiguity premia for risk premia because of faulty financial models.

Mike Mayo, CFA: Lessons for Financial Analysts from the Exile on Wall Street

Analysts must assert three essential rights, says the veteran banking analyst: the right to ask for information, the right to get information, and the right to act on information.

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