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CFA Institute Annual Conference

Career Management: Adapting for the Future

Advances in medicine and technology, combined with other forces in society, are coalescing to propel average lifespans easily toward 100. Tracey Wilen asked delegates at the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference to consider what that means for their career planning. For most people, it will mean having to build a revenue stream that funds their later years for at least 10–15 years longer than was the norm over the past several decades.

David M. Rubenstein: The Economy, Business, and Making Mom Proud

The Carlyle Group's David M. Rubenstein discussed a broad range of topics at the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference, from the mating habits of panda bears, to the historical importance of the Magna Carta, to Paul Volcker’s monetary policies in the early 1980s, to Japanese demographics, and beyond.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Lending Club and Other P2P Woes in Fintech Land

The problems at Lending Club, a leading P2P company, raises a larger issue: What's the future of the fintech industry. Will it replace the traditional financial services sector as we know it or reshape it by providing better technical solutions?

Responsible Investing Is Coming of Age

With social responsibility now firmly established across the financial services spectrum, Steve Lydenberg, CFA, sees the potential for responsible investing to go beyond mere product innovation and deliver fundamental changes to the operating norms of the global financial system.

Finance as a Force for Good

Investment professionals across the globe need to take the long view and bend the arc of the future away from being self-focused and toward caring about others. And in so doing, we can create a force for good, says Daniel Goleman.

Lessons from the Canadian Public Pension Fund Model

What's the secret formula behind the Canadian public pension fund model? Are its strategies applicable in other contexts? A panel of experts recently weighed in.

Bob Geldof: The Promise of Africa

“Why are investors not investing in Africa?” Bob Geldof asked the audience at the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference. “The data are there, but you lot never look at it. Weird!”

Keys to Social Media Success: Curiosity, Conversation, and Patience

A panel of social media experts gave their perspectives on social media's value proposition and how to best leverage the technology as an investment professional at the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference. It turns out it's not rocket science.

A New Model for Pension Management

Keith P. Ambachtsheer, long an outspoken advocate for pension reform, gave a sober assessment of the state of the world’s workplace retirement plans, praising the relative strength of plans in northern Europe while declaring those in southern Europe to be a “disaster.”

Good Communications: The “Undiscovered Country” of the Investment Profession

Tom Brakke, CFA, believes that investment professionals concentrate on their analytical responsibilities — and their performance results — but neglect their communication skills. Yet their ability to communicate within their firms and with their clients is often the real difference maker. To counteract this, Brakke recommends that investment pros focus as much on communications performance as they do on investment performance.

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