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Bangladeshi Banks Need Bonds Back

In Bangladesh, analysts contend with interest ranges instead of interest rates because of a well-intentioned savings program gone wrong. Sloane Ortel and Asif Khan, CFA, take a look at what's happened and what can change.

The C-Suite Speaks: Glass Half Full

Does the market's current volatility reflect reality? Members of the C-suite aren't sure it matches up with what they're seeing.

Investing in Bonds Will Be Nothing Like the Past 20 Years, Says BlackRock Fixed-Income CIO Rick Rieder

At the recent CFA Institute Fixed-Income Management Conference, BlackRock Chief Investment Officer Rick Rieder contended that the fixed-income market is undergoing structural changes in the wake of the Great Recession that have not been present for at least 20 years. Among the major elements of this shift: the long-term continuation of artificially low interest rates and a shortening of investment time horizons.

Are Structured Products and Complex Credit Assets the Phoenix of the Financial Crisis?

As the Roman epic poet Virgil wrote in the Aeneid, “Fortune favors the brave.” For investors who live by this creed, complex credit assets and structured investments — once the scourge of global financial markets — are beginning to regain… READ MORE ›

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