Practical analysis for investment professionals


Book Review: Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance provides an excellent overview of the issues that investors and entrepreneurs alike must consider when financing new ventures.

Weekend Reads: The Call of the Void

It turns out there are some very precise words for some very strange emotions. Lauren Foster provides a rundown and curates other selections on the Oscars, agnotology, or the purposeful propagation of ignorance, and much more, in Weekend Reads.

Working Forever: How to Advise Entrepreneur Clients

Barbara Roberts shared the lessons she has learned in her over 20 years as an entrepreneur and entrepreneur adviser at the CFA Institute Alpha and Gender Diversity conference. She focused on what she calls “the owner’s journey,” specifically the issues owner-entrepreneurs must navigate in managing their wealth.

Alternative Investing: The Little Blog of Start-Up Hedge Funds

Ted Seides, CFA, shares 10 lessons he has learned from investing in small and start-up hedge funds.

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