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Poll: What Poses the Greatest Threat to Global Equity Markets?

As most global stock markets have been on a tear of late, we thought it would be timely to ask readers what posed the greatest threat to equity markets. Over 37% of the 974 respondents to this poll believe that a global economic slowdown is the greatest risk to stocks.

Weekend Reads for Investors: The Rising Influence of Activists, Africa, and Twitter

David Larrabee, CFA, rounds up the most interesting reads for equity investors from the last couple weeks.

US Industrial Renaissance is Eroding Emerging Markets’ Competitive Edge

Antoine van Agtmael argues that an industrial renaissance in the United States is eroding the competitive edge of emerging markets.

Take 15: Equity Market Outlook with Strategas’ Jason Trennert (Video)

Jason Trennert of Strategas offers his sometimes contrarian outlook for equity markets while sharing insights on the European currency crisis and the prospects for inflation.

Equity Investing: When is it Time to Sell?

Timing the sale of a security is arguably the most important aspect of any successful investment strategy, and the only true, unbiased indicator of where a security should be trading is information itself. That said, there is still value in using price targets.

The Competing Incentives and Pressures that Influence Sell-Side Analysts

A recent study designed to decipher the “black box” of sell-side analyst decision making sheds new light on the driving forces behind two important outputs of their work: earnings estimates and stock recommendations.

The Future of Long-Short Equity

Although historically one of the leading strategies in the hedge fund world, long/short equity has recently underperformed other venues for hedge fund investment. What does the futture hold?

Take 15: An Update on the Banking Industry with Michael L. Mayo, CFA (Video)

Michael L. Mayo, CFA, discusses the state of corporate governance in the financial industry, whether he expects to see more shareholder activism when it comes to the big banks, and how breaking up the mega-banks would unlock value for shareholders.

QFII and RQFII Liberalization: Changing Dynamics in the Greater China Capital Markets

Capital markets reform in mainland China, together with new cross-strait initiatives, are giving rise to considerable optimism that the investment services industry in Greater China is entering a bright new era.

Equities May Not Deserve Their Bad Rap

Gerry Fowler, CFA, shares some of this thoughts on the outlook for 2013.

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