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European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Take 15: Eurozone Crisis: Is the End in Sight? (Video)

Wolfgang Münchau discusses the current state of the Eurozone crisis and potential resolutions. He explains potential implications of a breakup and the costs and benefits to various countries across the region.

James Montier Applies His Seven Immutable Laws of Investing to Europe

Noted behavioralist and value investor James Montier addressed the prospect of investing in European stocks through the framework of his Seven Immutable Laws of Investing — a set of common sense, value-based principles that are too often violated by the typical investor.

Whither the Euro? Seeking Resolutions for the Eurozone

Unsurprisingly, a major theme of the Fifth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference was the prospect for the euro. While speakers put forward different arguments, ultimately it seems the resolution must come from choices made about the political economy.

Europe’s Economy and the Way Forward

Economist Anatole Kaletsky downplays the real economic importance of Europe to the global economy and believes there is a chance that Germany might even leave the eurozone to ensure the euro’s survival as a currency.

Poll: Is the Objection to Using the ESM’s Bailout Money to Purchase Bad Loans Appropriate?

Earlier this week, we asked readers, “Is Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands’ objection to using the European Stability Mechanism’s bailout money to purchase existing bad loans appropriate?” More than 70% said these nations’ objections were appropriate.

European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Up Next, a German Real Estate Bubble?

Germany may well be experiencing a real-estate bubble — and the explanation is straightforward: the European Central Bank has lowered rates in response to the global financial crisis that began in 2008, and then dropped rates dramatically in response to the euro crisis, which didn't gain steam until late 2009, and then pushed rates near zero in late 2011 — where they have remained.

What is Holding Back Economic Recovery in the Developed World?

Finance professor Amir Sufi of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business argues that the severe U.S. recession and Europe's ongoing economic woes can best be explained as aggregate demand and leverage problems that cannot be effectively treated through monetary policy initiatives alone.

Against Quantitative Easing by the European Central Bank

According to Jerry H. Tempelman, CFA, a more permanent solution to the European sovereign debt crisis will have to come not from the ECB but from the governments and citizens of its constituent countries.

Stratfor’s Geopolitical Weekly: Financial Markets, Politics, and the New Reality

In an insightful commentary entitled Financial Markets, Politics, and the New Reality, George Friedman, founder of geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor, discusses the roots of the market economy… READ MORE ›

Here We Go Again: Europe Crisis Regains Gravity for Fixed-Income Investors

Jason A. Voss, CFA, Content Director for Fixed Income at CFA Institute shares his roundup of top fixed income stories for the previous month. Complete with links to related content.

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