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European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Book Review: The Power of Money

Paul Sheard explains what money is and how governments, commercial banks, and central banks create it and influence its creation.

Debt and Inflation Fears: Investing’s Obsolete Dogmas?

In economics and investing, some concepts have become indistinguishable from articles of faith.

Book Review: Europe’s Orphan

Europe's Orphan: The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt is a spirited defense and a thoughtful reinterpretation of the eurozone’s unpromising recent history, writes reviewer Mark Harrison, CFA.

Poll: Do You Believe That the European Sovereign Debt Crisis Is Over?

We asked NewsBrief readers to comment on whether they thought the European sovereign-debt crisis was over.

Take 15: Can Germany Save the Eurozone? (Video)

Kai A. Konrad, director at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, shares his views on the eurozone including why Germany may not have the economic force necessary to save the eurozone.

Poll: Which Austerity Measures Will Be Most Likely to Affect Recovery?

Earlier this week, we asked readers, "What austerity measures likely will be most effective in achieving sovereign financial recovery?"

Poll: Why Didn’t the Cyprus “Bail-In” Cause a Bank Run?

The recent “bail-in” of Cyprus by the EU, IMF and European Central Bank troika forced depositors in Cyprus banks to turn over about 40% of their assets to the banking system. This action hasn’t caused a bank run in the greater eurozone yet, so we asked professional investors why this is the case.

Eurozone Crisis: Could Informal Problem-Solving Mechanisms Prove the Conventional Wisdom Wrong?

Predictions of the disintegration of the “European experiment” have yet to be fulfilled despite more than 1,000 days having passed since the eurozone crisis first began. Investors owe it to themselves to consider alternate scenarios.

The Forces Reshaping Europe and the World and Opportunities for Investors (Video)

The veteran investor Felix W. Zulauf, president of Zulauf Asset Management AG, discusses the future of the eurozone and China’s effects on the world economy.

Eurozone in Crisis: Why Talent Is Fleeing from Spain

If Spain abandons the euro or defaults on its debt, it could trigger a Lehman-style meltdown. In spite of the good performance of Spanish sovereign debt and stocks in these first weeks of the year, this meltdown scenario can’t be ruled out yet.

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