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To Compete with Robos, Advisers Must Become Financial Physicians

Can robo-advisers replace human advisers? Not if the goal of the relationship is to increase clients' well-being, says Meir Statman. Why? Because that requires human interaction.

The Intangibles of Having Your Own Firm

Acquiring and serving clients requires specific skills. When launching your own business, you will need to foster trust with prospective clients and strategic referral partners. In order to help clients implement investment or financial planning advice, you will need to build even more trust.

Five Reasons to Start Your Own Firm and Four Steps to Take to Do It

Today, a confluence of factors reinforces the opportunity to launch a financial advisory firm.

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Wanderlust, Memory, and Flat Heads

It has always amazed me when I meet people who have not left their home countries, let alone traveled overseas. Why is that? Why are some people driven to explore the world, while others are content with their lot at home? It turns out wanderlust may be in our genes.

The Most Important Money Question, According to Carl Richards

In his new book, The One-Page Financial Plan, adviser Carl Richards says the first step in creating a financial plan is to get clear about where you are and where you want to be. Start by asking yourself, "Why is money important to me?"

Financial Advisers Need to Get “On the Right Side” of the Robo-Adviser Trend

The Future of Finance Initiative at CFA Institute recently hosted an online forum, "Robo-Advisers: Opportunity or Threat?" One of the themes that emerged is that financial advisers need get "on the right side" of the trend.

Can Financial Advisers Make Their Clients Happy?

Financial professionals often consider themselves successful when they are able to make their clients wealthy, or at least secure. But there may be an opportunity to reasonably target a more ambitious goal: helping secure their happiness.

Note to Advisers and Clients: Put Your Investment Plan in Writing

Investment Policy Statements, long a keystone of the institutional investment world, are increasingly catching on with individual investors and financial advisers.

Financial Advisers: Heed Gender Differences in Your Clients’ Communication Styles

Communication is key in relationships — not only in marriages and partnerships, but also between financial advisers and their clients. As such, it is important that advisers be aware of the differences between men's and women's communication styles so that they can be more effective when working with couples as well as current and future clients.

World Wealth Report 2014: Can Social Media Help Close the Trust Gap?

The latest World Wealth Report makes the case that social media can "reinforce trust by providing a platform for open, meaningful dialogue, which is capable of also driving business."

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