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Raphael Palone, CFA, CAIA, FRM, CFP, holds a double undergraduate degree in business management and economic sciences and a master’s degree in Economics. He worked for 12 years as a corporate and investment banking professional at two of the largest banks in Brazil. Palone is a CFA charterholder®, a CAIA charterholder®, a Certified FRM®, and a CFP professional®. He currently serves as a senior managing partner at FK Partners, one of the largest finance schools in Brazil. Palone's research primarily focuses on business cycles, capital market expectations, and financial planning.

Author's Posts
Generational Wealth: Does the Apple Fall Far From the Tree?

There is strong evidence that most “rich families” will be poorer after several generations. Some of the reasons for this are systemic like taxes. But most factors that diminish a family’s wealth over generations are the choices that heirs make.

Can Argentina Recover? Emerging Market Lessons

To be “as rich as an Argentine” was once a common aspiration. What happened?

Strong or Volcker? The Fed and Global Financial Stability

The impact of Fed policy on the global financial system is yet another feature of the COVID-19 pandemic that caught investors off guard.

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