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geopolitical risk

Joachim Klement, CFA: Three Geo-Economics Trends to Watch

The rise of China, climate change, and cyberthreats will shape the 2020s, Joachim Klement, CFA, predicts.

Marko Papic: Geopolitical Forecasting in Volatile Times

Marko Papic believes investors can prepare for geopolitical events and beat the market while they’re at it.

Nuclear Risk and the Financial Markets

The financial community should work to reduce nuclear risks the same way it does those of climate change.

Geopolitical Risk in Portfolio Management

What role should geopolitical risk discussions play in portfolio decisions?

Geopolitics Revisited: A Reshaped Investment Landscape

Taimur Hyat, PhD, considers how geopolitical risks have altered how investment analysis is conducted.

Investing in a Geopolitical Age

"Be mindful that the rumor of globalization’s demise is greatly exaggerated," says Taimur Hyat, PhD, of PGIM.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Summer Reading Edition

Jason Voss, CFA, shares his choices for Weekend Reads for Investors. Included among his selections are an update on a classic game theory problem, a surprising story about a dealer of Japanese government bonds, and an exploration of quantum physics in strange places.

Debt Ceiling Default: No Big Deal?

How critical is the full faith and credit of the United States to the domestic and global economy? Not all that much, according to the latest poll of CFA Institute NewsBrief readers.

Hong Kong in Turmoil: Views from the Ground

Days of protests have brought parts of the Asian financial center to a standstill in the largest show of defiance against Beijing in a Chinese territory.

Poll: Are Businesses and Investors Unprepared for Geopolitical Risks?

Tensions resulting from economic sanctions and countersanctions by the West and Russia, an outcome of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, seem to be escalating. Are global businesses and investors largely unprepared for such geopolitical risks?

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