Practical analysis for investment professionals


Weekend Reads: The Eye of the Storm

Predicting the weather or predicting the markets — neither is possible with absolute certainty. This and other musings make up this week's Weekend Reads by Robert Del Mauro.

Weekend Reads for Investors: The Case, the Conflagrations, the Conglomerate, and CEOs

In his inaugural Weekend Reads compilation, Jason Voss, CFA, a retired fund manager, shares his top stories for investors.

The End of the Smartphone: What It Means for Investment Professionals

The inevitable extinction of smartphones will impact the way you do business. Either you can be proactive and use the next generation of smart technology to your advantage, or you can play catch-up when the time comes.

The Market Needs to Rise Again before It Peaks

History suggests that those who use a crystal ball to predict the future are often forced to eat crushed glass. It is useful is to cogitate about what can happen in the future aside from a mere extrapolation of a current trend.

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