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How Financial Advisers Can Appeal to NextGens

Financial advisers who fail to understand and act on the behaviors and demands of young high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) may be unprepared for the long-term shifts in client attitudes that are on the horizon. To help financial advisers plan for this shift, Enterprising Investor interviewed David Wilson, of Capgemini Financial Services and founder of, for his personal views on how advisers can appeal to NextGens.

World Wealth Report 2014: Can Social Media Help Close the Trust Gap?

The latest World Wealth Report makes the case that social media can "reinforce trust by providing a platform for open, meaningful dialogue, which is capable of also driving business."

An Important Report on Middle Eastern High-Net-Worth Individuals

At the Middle East Investment Conference, Khaled Sifri, CEO, Emirates Investment Bank provided unique transparency into Gulf Cooperation Council high-net-worth individuals.

Why Financial Advisers Need to Use Social Media

April Rudin, founder and CEO of the Rudin Group, has some compelling reasons for financial advisers to develop a social media presence.

2013 World Wealth Report: Level of Trust in Wealth Managers And Firms Rises — Slightly

The world's high net worth individuals (HNWIs) expressed increased trust in wealth managers and were generally upbeat about the economic outlook. On the other hand, HNWIs have much less confidence in the markets and regulators.