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Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The Decline in Stock Listings Is Worse than You Think

The decline in stock listings in the United States has been well documented for some time now, but commentators seem to be missing a larger and potentially more alarming story: Equity listings worldwide, not just in the United States, have dropped precipitously.

Book Review: High-Profit IPO Strategies

A concise introduction to IPOs for the uninitiated, this book is also an excellent resource for finance professors wishing to supplement investment textbooks that touch only briefly on the IPO process, professionals at the outset of their careers who contemplate moving into IPO investing, and owners of new businesses.

Take 15: QFII, RQFII, and the IPO Pipeline: A New Era for China A-Shares? (Video)

With unprecedented changes in the foreign institutional investor quota and related rules, as well as the hint of further new policy moves by the government, the China A-Shares market is starting to attract investor interest once again.

What Ails the IPO Market?

Global IPO proceeds declined by 27.8% in 2012. And while last year’s sharp decline was largely attributed to weakness in China and continued fallout from the sovereign debt crisis, it also appears to be part of a longer term trend. Are we witnessing a structural market change, a secular decline, or simply a cyclical downturn that will reverse?

Aswath Damodaran: How Does Growth Investing Measure Up?

In a recently published paper, noted valuation authority Aswath Damodaran examines the discipline of growth investing and, in so doing, challenges the notion that growth investors are simply risk seekers who ignore valuation.

Manchester United IPO: Yellow Card

Manchester United, the acclaimed soccer club of the English Premier League, is planning to sell shares to the public in an offering to be priced August 9, 2012. While its iconic brand and loyal following are probably unsurpassed in professional sports, the valuation attached to Manchester United's shares and the risk factors associated with ownership make this an investment to avoid, unless you are just looking for bragging rights at your local pub.

The Unintelligent Investment? Gauging Facebook’s IPO Through the Lens of Graham and Dodd

Investors who bought shares in the recent public offering should have first consulted the authors of Security Analysis, who wrote that the intrinsic value of a security is “that value which is justified by the facts . . . as distinct, let us say, from market quotations established by artificial manipulation or distorted by psychological excesses.”

Three Questions about the Facebook IPO

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must be aware that Facebook, the “darling” of social media, is about to go public. But before investors slake their thirst for Facebook shares, market participants should consider three questions.

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