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Integrating ESG into Fixed-Income Portfolios

Christoph M. Klein, CFA, explains how including ESG factors in fixed-income analysis can reduce idiosyncratic and portfolio risk and improve portfolio performance.

Take 15: The Church of England as an Institutional Investor (Video)

Edward Mason shares his views on how the Church of England reflects its moral values in its investments as an institutional investor.

Faith-Based Investing: Believers Engaging the Boardroom

Why, how, and to what effect do faith-based investors engage with companies to seek positive social and environmental change?

Take 15: Finding Investments in a Low Yield Environment (Video)

Leo J. de Bever discusses ways of finding global investment opportunities in the current low yield environment.

The Norway Model: Lessons for Private Wealth Management

What can wealthy private investors and their financial advisers learn from a largely unknown but gigantic Norwegian sovereign wealth fund? According to "Yale Versus Norway," a white paper published earlier this month by Greycourt, an independent investment adviser serving wealthy families and select institutions, the Government Pension Fund Global, as the Norwegian fund is officially known, may be more "simpatico" with family investors than the so-called Yale Model of endowment investing.

China Investment Corp.’s Gao Xiqing: Economy “Still on Right Track”

In a recent talk, the vice chairman and president of China’s sovereign wealth fund leveled two critiques of interest to those who have grown accustomed to frequent commentary about China’s opaque regulatory system and slow pace of financial liberalization. He also outlined a bullish case for China's economy.

The Canadian Model: Ontario Teachers’ Turns Pension Investing on its Head

Three key insights on successful pension fund investing from Institutional Investor magazine's profile of the C$117 billion Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

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