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Weekend Reads for Global Investors: The Missing Recovery

At the recent CFA Institute China Investment Conference held in Shanghai, Goldman Sachs economist Jiming Ha painted a not-so-rosy picture of China’s economic growth outlook. He believes government spending has already become… READ MORE ›

North Korea Nuclear Threat: Buy on the Dip?

Events on the Korean peninsula have been unfolding quickly. Is North Korea's latest sabre-rattling truly an investment risk? Or for those with a longer time horizon, is it a buying opportunity?

Can Korea Successfully Cultivate a Home-Grown Hedge Fund Industry?

The hurdles for the Korean hedge fund industry may appear daunting, but Korea has an enviable track record when it comes to building new industries.

North Korea: Geopolitical Challenges for South Korea (Video)

North Korea expert Brian Myers explains how the popular fallacy of a communist North Korea impedes our understanding of North-South relations.

Global Uncertainties: U.S., Europe, China, and Implications for Asia and South Korea (Video)

Richard Duncan, author and chief economist of Blackhorse Asset Management, discusses how the global economy has been fueled by an explosion of credit for 50 years and how that credit-fueled paradigm is now in crisis.

Will Korean-Style Hedge Funds Flourish?

Despite the global financial crisis, Korea has shown positive economic growth. This growth and stability, however, is just a backdrop to some more interesting developments in its financial services sector.

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