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14 Charts Worth Your Time: Apple, Macro Trends, and Global Inequality

Am I the only one starting to feel like we're pretty darn late in the business cycle?

Poll: Will Equity Markets Be Driven More by Macroeconomic or Company-Specific News in the Next Year?

Since the onset of the 2008 financial crisis, the markets have been driven by global macro events, particularly in the form of government support and stimulus. These events include the massive monetary stimulus from the U.S. Federal Reserve, large-scale asset purchases by the European Central Bank, and the introduction of Abenomics in Japan just seven months ago.

Forecasting Macro Trends: Futurist David Houle on the “Shift Age” (Video)

Leading futurist David Houle, author of "Entering the Shift Age," discusses and contextualizes our world to better highlight emerging trends for investors.

Take 15: The Case for Investing in Africa

Clifford D. Mpare, CFA, discusses which African nations have the most improved macro environments and how these factors can support equity investments. Mr. Mpare also explores valuation of African equities including long-term trends, sectors of interest, and company case studies, as well as the importance of diversification.

Felix Zulauf Revisits His Predictions, Sees More Trouble Ahead

Last May, at the 64th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, veteran investor Felix Zulauf laid out a number of bearish predictions that have largely proved to be on the money. Now that six months have passed — and with so much happening in the world — we thought it was a good time to review his predictions and get a fresh update on his outlook for the economy and financial markets.

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