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15 February 2013

Forecasting Macro Trends: Futurist David Houle on the “Shift Age” (Video)

Leading futurist David Houle, author of the new book Entering the Shift Age, discusses and contextualizes our world to better highlight emerging trends for investors. Mr. Houle was a part of the executive teams that launched MTV, Nickelodeon, and Headline News. He is an Emmy winner and an Academy Award nominee. In addition, Houle has spoken to or advised more than 2,000 CEOs on six continents, and has given several well-received TEDx talks.

In this interview with CFA Institute, Houle discusses his best-selling book and why he wrote it. He also offers tips for how to see trends before there is wider recognition of them, and reviews some of the macro trends that investors should be paying attention to now.

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Jason Voss, CFA

Jason Voss, CFA, tirelessly focuses on improving the ability of investors to better serve end clients. He is the author of the Foreword Reviews Business Book of the Year Finalist, The Intuitive Investor and the CEO of Active Investment Management (AIM) Consulting. Voss also sub-contracts for the well known firm, Focus Consulting Group. Previously, he was a portfolio manager at Davis Selected Advisers, L.P., where he co-managed the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund to noteworthy returns. Voss holds a BA in economics and an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Colorado.

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