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What’s Really Behind the Plunge in Oil Prices?

Given the recent developments in the price of oil and their implications for the broader market, what follows is an interview with Daniel Lacalle, a specialist in energy and utilities.

Fesharaki: Indian Oil and Gas Production Stymied by “Antiquated Policy Making”

India's oil minister recently announced an effort to refresh the two-decade-old estimate of oil and gas reserves. But Fereidun Fesharaki, chairman at FGE, a consulting group focused on oil and gas markets, remains skeptical about efforts to further develop India's gas and oil industries — unless the government allows prices that are competitive with the international market.

Take 15: The Global Impact of the US Shale Energy Boom (Video)

Robert Johnston, director of the global energy and natural resources practice at Eurasia Group, addresses the prospects for the United States becoming a natural gas “superpower,” and the global geopolitical and investment implications of the US shale energy boom.

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