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Shortcuts to Factor Investing: Equities and Beyond

In the latest installment of his Shortcuts to Factor Investing series, Mark Harrison, CFA, takes a deeper dive into equities and factor investing's wider applications to other asset classes, including fixed income.

Top 10 Posts from 2015: The Buffett Bet, Oil Prices, and Accounting Errors

As the year draws to a close, it is illuminating to look back at the articles that most resonated with our readers in 2015. In many ways, the results encapsulate the macro and micro issues that investment professionals encountered throughout the year and that are likely to shape the industry in the weeks and month ahead. So what were the leading posts from 2015?

Hedge Funds and the Active Management Crisis

It is no secret that active management and hedge funds have underperformed in recent years, but is there a case to be made for them in the long run? When discussing fund performance, the devil is always in the details.

Book Review: Performance Evaluation and Attribution of Security Portfolios

Highly recommended for professionals who evaluate portfolio managers (e.g., wealth managers, advisers, fund allocators), this book blends traditional concepts of portfolio evaluation with the latest academic findings. Unlike books that are either concerned exclusively with nuts-and-bolts issues or unduly theoretical, it provides an optimal balance for the benefit of both practitioners and academicians.

Top Five Articles from May: Accounting Mistakes and Disruptive Technologies

Highlights from May include Lars Kroijer's examination of the benefits of diversification; the latest installment in the multi-asset strategy series by Larry Cao, CFA; and an in-depth survey of the most common accounting errors analysts make by Jason Voss, CFA.

Portfolio Evaluation: Benchmarking for Success

Can portfolio evaluation be done in a way that helps investment managers succeed? For the latest installment in his multi-asset strategy series, Larry Cao, CFA, posed this question to some of the smartest institutional investors around. Here's what they had to say.

The Importance of Purpose for Driving Long-Term Corporate Value

Companies may better serve society by bringing corporate purpose, as expressed in authentic branding and mission statements, into alignment with business actions.

Stick to the FACTS: A Framework for Evaluating Investments

Looking for a framework for determining investment strategy selection and assessment? Choosing your investment opportunities simply comes down to the FACTS.

Is Private Equity Out of Tune with Society?

Against a weaker economic background, a re-run of pre-crisis practices is no longer acceptable. In the face of criticism from regulators, investors, and politicians alike, an overhaul of private equity practices is overdue.

Your Investment Returns: Don’t Envy the Dows or the Joneses

Relative returns (your investment returns relative to your peers or the market) likely play an underestimated role in how satisfied you are with the progress of your investments. Successful investing requires patience and a willingness to act against the crowd. Follows are a few simple suggestions that might keep you from questioning your well-thought-out investment strategy at the wrong time.

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