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Eric Petroff, CFA, is the founder of Petroff Institutional. He has more than a decade of institutional consulting experience across virtually all client types, having served as a senior consultant and shareholder at Hammond Associates and as a director of research and chief strategist at Wurts & Associates. In addition to his CFA, Eric holds the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations, and has an MBA with an emphasis in finance from Webster University.

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An Easier Way to Understand Hedge Fund Leverage

It is possible to create a valuation-based “rule of thumb” computation for the implied leverage that hedge fund strategies need given market valuations.

The Global Instability Premium

The ongoing shifts in US and global equity valuations are something worth watching until the world calms down, because global military tensions could easily get much worse than they currently are. If and when this occurs, global equities could become compellingly cheaper in short order, presenting a potential strategic opportunity, at least if you believe in the global instability premium.

It’s a Bad Time to Be Selling Claims on Your Home Equity

With yet another round of positive residential real estate data upon us, the concept of what to do with your home equity is worthy of a minor discussion.

Don’t Get Too Excited Just Yet

Eric Petroff, CFA, explains why you should refrain from getting too excited about positive economic news, because there is little to be optimistic about if you consider the likely path of capital markets from here.

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