Practical analysis for investment professionals


Can You Time the Markets Based on the Presidential Cycle? (Podcast)

Rodney N. Sullivan, CFA, editor of the Financial Analysts Journal, cautions investors against trying to time the market against presidential cycles.

The US Presidential Election: Will it Impact Your Investment Portfolio? (Podcast)

The election and its potential impact on the economy has been on the minds of investors lately. This podcast provides comments on the election and its potential impact on the economy.

Have You Forgotten About Longevity Risk? (Podcast)

Robert Martorana, CFA, evaluates longevity risks and some strategies to mitigate them.

Do Muni Bonds Default More Often than You Think? (Podcast)

Kurt Van Kuller, CFA, discusses the conflicting evidence on the rate of municipal bond defaults.

Learn to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career (Podcast)

Miriam Salpeter, author of Social Networking for Career Success, explains the importance of social media as a channel to enhance your professional reputation and to become known as a thought leader in your field. She offers practical advice and instruction on how to leverage specific functionality that can help you brand and differentiate yourself.

Eugene Fama: Perspectives on Financial Research (Podcast)

Eugene F. Fama argues that the central consequences of the financial crisis are increased moral hazard, ineffective new regulations, and greater risk taking as investors search for yield. He also presents his responses to criticisms of the efficient markets hypothesis, from behavioral biases to momentum, and discusses skill and luck in active investment management and the identification of the best managers.

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