Practical analysis for investment professionals


The 800-Pound Gorilla: Office Real Estate

"Office has replaced retail as the worst six letter word in real estate.”

Mindy Lubber: A Sustainability Story

Climate risk is financial risk, according to Mindy Lubber.

Essential Listening: Perfect Bets

The last week was light on news from the podcasting world, so Tadas Viskanta jumps right into his selections, with entries touching on high-frequency trading (HFT), crowdfunding's impact on real estate, and David Simon's journey from newspaper reporter to one of the most celebrated television writers and producers.

Essential Listening: Paying Attention

Tesla, Charlie Munger, post-financial crisis Iceland, and payday loans are among the subjects explored in the latest collection of Tadas Viskanta-curated podcasts.

Essential Listening: Building Trust

After vacation last week, Essential Listening has returned and is bursting at the seams with great podcasts. So let's get right down to it.

Essential Listening: Poker Dealings

Uber, middlemen, and whether the US economy is in the midst of a secular slowdown are among the topics covered in Tadas Viskanta's latest roundup of podcasts.

Essential Listening: A Force of Nature

Jack Bogle recalls the origins of Vanguard Group and restaurateur Danny Meyer explains his no-tipping policy in the latest round of Essential Listening podcasts curated by Tadas Viskanta.

Essential Listening: Disruption Theory

The origins of the ETF industry, frequent-flier miles, and income inequality are among the topics explored in Tadas Viskanta's latest compilation of podcasts.

Essential Listening: Emergent Order

In this week's Essential Listening podcasts, Alex Dalmady talks about detecting financial fraud and Y-Combinator founder Paul Graham discusses the increasingly prominent role of start-up accelerators in the venture capital space.

Essential Listening: Future Industries

Looking for something to listen to? Among others, this week features discussions of the global volatility premium, progress towards a humane restaurant industry, and how an Irish cattle farmer became a leading expert on the global economy.

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