Practical analysis for investment professionals


Three Simple Steps to Improve Your Memory

"You are all capable of doing extraordinary things with your memory, you just need to learn the right techniques," according to memory expert Chester Santos. "You are all capable of remembering more than you think is possible."

Integrating ESG into Fixed-Income Portfolios

Christoph M. Klein, CFA, explains how including ESG factors in fixed-income analysis can reduce idiosyncratic and portfolio risk and improve portfolio performance.

Maximizing Your Philanthropic Impact

"With charitable giving," Eric Friedman, CFA, tells Sloane Ortel, "if you’re not focused on the evidence behind your approach and the potential outcomes, then you’re flying blind with respect to impact."

Beyond Flash Boys: Improving Transparency and Fairness in Financial Markets

Are markets rigged in favor of some investors now that dark pools and high-frequency trading (HFT) are ubiquitous? Ronan Ryan of IEX Group says that harnessing technological advances can help ameliorate market fragmentation and improve the functioning of markets for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Five Pieces of Conventional Wisdom That Make Smart Investors Look Dumb

Conventional wisdom is quite often wrong and misapprehensions can easily prevail, cemented perhaps by groupthink tendencies intrinsic to peer-influenced media.

How to Get Smarter

Make technology your friend.

Why Good Mutual Fund Research Is Hard to Find

It is well past time to recognize the importance of mutual fund research, and to bring it into the modern era for better investor outcomes.

The Benefits and Risks of Target Date Funds (TDFs)

What is the optimal amount of risk a client should have in their portfolio throughout their career? This is not an easy question to answer, so it is not surprising that there are many different responses. Target date funds (TDFs) are, in theory, simple products that allow clients to focus on a single question: “How old am I?”

O Value, Where Art Thou?

Value stocks have underperformed growth stocks for over a decade. How can this be? Aren’t value stocks supposed to deliver higher returns than growth stocks?

Three Clues for Assessing Management

Assessing management is the most difficult analytical task and requires the greatest amount of humility.

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