Practical analysis for investment professionals


The Five Dimensions of Variant Perception

For far too long, the investment industry has failed to recognize the distinction between personal and market perceptions of securities, even though this distinction is at least as important as the fundamental analysis we perform and is absolutely essential to active management.

How (Not) to Sabotage Your Firm

Perusing an old war manual on how to sabotage organizations will spark instant recognition for any modern office worker. How can firms stop unintentionally sabotaging themselves?

After Short-Termism: The Uneasy Road to Long-Term Investing

Crises create challenges and spark debates that give us mirrors for introspection. Among the many important issues that arose from the 2008 financial crisis is the ever growing focus on short-termism in financial markets.

Book Review: Genealogy of American Finance

In addition to tracing the histories of America’s 50 largest financial corporations, this richly illustrated coffee-table book spotlights many of the important economic events that influenced the evolutions of those institutions.

How Does Monetary Policy Impact Market Performance?

Can investors exploit Fed policy actions by piling into or rushing out of stocks based on those actions?

Three Reasons Why It Is Still a Good Time to Talk about Inflation

Is it time to put conversations about inflation risk on the back burner? Questions like this illustrate a major flaw in the way many investors approach protecting their portfolios against inflation risk: Discussion starts only after rising inflation is already a problem and inflation hedges are expensive.

Enron Revisited: Highlights from Bear Stearns Research

Today, it's hard to remember Enron as anything but a classic example of hubris and fraud. But the market didn't always know that. A recently revealed Bear Stearns research note shows just what the market thought of Enron in the heady days of early 2001.

Hedge Funds and the Active Management Crisis

It is no secret that active management and hedge funds have underperformed in recent years, but is there a case to be made for them in the long run? When discussing fund performance, the devil is always in the details.

The Impact of Six Nobel Laureates on Finance

Following the announcement of Princeton economist Angus Deaton's Nobel Prize, we asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers which recipient of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences and CFA Institute conference attendee had made the most positive impact on the investment industry.

Making Sense of Long-Term Returns

All advisers face the same challenge: How can we best help investors understand what sort of long-term returns they can rationally expect?

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