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Bullion, Bond Buying, and Bloodbaths: The Difference a Year Makes

Twelve months ago, financial professionals gathered in Chicago to discuss important economic trends — including sovereign debt, hedge funds, and the global middle class — that would shape the year ahead.

Current Thinking on Housing Prices and Mortgage Markets

Global housing prices remain a popular indicator of economic activity. But overall, recovery in global housing markets seems mixed.

Fitch Downgrades China: Miracle or Mirage?

For those following China closely, the recent downgrade by Fitch Ratings should come as no surprise.

What Is a Real Estate Investment Trust? (Video)

Discussion on the nature of a real estate investment trust.

The American Economy: Will Housing Lead Us to Recovery? (Videos)

The housing market may be in recovery, and some prominent commentators have suggested that if it is, the broader market may recover alongside it.

Is New York City Real Estate in Recovery? (Podcast)

The New York real estate market has seen improvements which, in many ways, reflect the global market.

European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Up Next, a German Real Estate Bubble?

Germany may well be experiencing a real-estate bubble — and the explanation is straightforward: the European Central Bank has lowered rates in response to the global financial crisis that began in 2008, and then dropped rates dramatically in response to the euro crisis, which didn't gain steam until late 2009, and then pushed rates near zero in late 2011 — where they have remained.

Breaking Down the Opportunity in Asia Real Estate

Morgan Stanley's J.E. Hoke Slaughter made the case that China — along with India — provide the best long-term, sustained growth prospects in the world.

The Potential European Debt Crisis You Are Not Hearing About

The European sovereign debt crisis has been occupying a disproportionate amount of investor mindshare over these past many months. Yet there is another potential debt crisis in Europe that is receiving… READ MORE ›

Book Review: Wealth Building Strategies in Energy Metals and Other Markets

Although not a pioneering work, Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals, and Other Markets details easily accessible and timely methods for navigating upcoming investment markets that are sure to be stormy. Author Chris Waltzek, host of a weekly broadcast on, focuses on a few economically sensitive sectors — namely, energy, metals, and real estate. The book consists of three sections: “Successful Investing,” “The Housing Bubble,” and “Banking—Super Profits.”

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