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Singapore REIT Fee Structures: Are Investor and Manager Interests Aligned?

How can we gauge whether the interests of REIT unitholders and their managers are really in sync?

Top Five Articles from August: The Market in Wartime, Sam Zell, Fund Names

Leading posts from August include Preston McSwain's call for more honest and accurate fee disclosures and performance reporting; an examination of Sam Zell's take on the economy by Julie Hammond, CFA; tips on how to ace job interviews by Julia VanDeren; Will Ortel's exploration of what's in a hedge fund name; and an analysis of capital markets during times of war by Mark Armbruster, CFA.

Sam Zell on Global Growth: “Where’s the Demand?”

The first question Sam Zell asks when someone offers up an investment opportunity is “Where’s the demand?"

Book Review: Wall Street Potholes

The author, together with four other expert money managers, addresses a range of investment topics that pose special dangers to investors, including nontrading REITs, yield dependence, structured notes, hedge funds, Wall Street inefficiency, mutual fund fees, annuities, brokers and fiduciaries, and the future for investors.

Invest in a Potato Before These Four Things

If you're going to buy one of these four things, you might as well invest in a potato.

A Scandal That Should Shock Nobody

Non-traded REITs are coming under increasingly negative scrutiny, and for good reason.

Multifamily Housing Is Booming, and It Doesn’t Look Like a Bubble

Many investors are waiting for America's housing market to rebound, but it may have already — if you look at multifamily housing.

Insights on China’s Growth, Real Estate Market, and Shadow Banking

With its GDP growth slowing to 7.4% in the first quarter this year, will China continue to be the world’s growth engine? Will the cooling real estate markets in some Chinese cities pose a threat to the shadow banking industry and the overall financial system?

Top Anecdotal Signs of a Market Bubble

Anecdotal evidence coupled with hard data helps to better identify market bubbles. Here are the top signs.

Why Spanish Real Estate has Become So Popular All of a Sudden

The Spanish real estate market is coming back to life after several years in a catatonic state.

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