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Should RIAs Change Their Business Model?

Recent market bullishness could be masking unfavorable longer-term trends for registered investment advisers (RIAs).

Why I Love Having My Own RIA

Business is so much easier when you have autonomy. This is especially true for advisers, since you can choose a structure that fits your philosophy and personality. You can also adapt faster to industry changes, such as the shift to fee-only advice and the fiduciary standard.

Outlook for the US Wealth Management Industry: The Predictive Analytics Era

What will 2016 look like for the US wealth management sector? We asked April Rudin, founder and president of The Rudin Group, to share her predictions and analysis.

Rise of the Machines: Winners and Losers in the Robo-Adviser Battle

How is the war between robo-advisers and traditional registered investment advisers (RIAs) going to play out? Wesley Gray offers some predictions on the potential losers and winners based on the current trends in the market.

Outlook for the US Wealth Management Industry: “The Most Exciting Time”

More fee-based advisers, impact investments, and a growing market for financial advice: April Rudin on the future of private wealth.

Financial Advisers: Do You Have a Strategy to Attract Millennials?

A new report finds that Millennials are much less likely than the older generations to have contact with financial advisors. And yet they also make up a larger percentage of those with $2 million+ in assets than Gen X. Advisors need to prepare for the new, wealthy clients of the future.

Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: Scoundrels, Birds and Bees, and Risky Shifts

Over the past couple of weeks there have been lots of compelling articles for financial advisers. Here are some of my favorite reads in case you missed them.

Five Reasons for a Uniform Fiduciary Standard

In order to have fair and transparent markets, all investors must feel confident that the investment advice, products, and services offered by investment professionals are not only suitable for them but also in their best interest. This can be accomplished by imposing a uniform fiduciary standard of care on all investment professionals that provide advice to clients.

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