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Ed McCarthy is an author and freelance finance writer who covered private wealth topics for CFA Institute Magazine. He has written for many of the financial service industry’s leading publications, including Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Institutional Investor online, Financial Planning, Journal of Accountancy, and the Journal of Financial Planning.

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Should RIAs Change Their Business Model?

Recent market bullishness could be masking unfavorable longer-term trends for registered investment advisers (RIAs).

Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMS): Good for Retirees?

Some researchers maintain that home equity conversion mortgages (HECMs) can improve retirees' income and financial well-being.

“Augmented Intelligence”: Combining Human Intelligence and Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads into private wealth management in both investment management and practice management. It’s an exciting time for AI, but will it cause more disruption or innovation for wealth managers?

Rising Illiquidity in Bond Markets: What Does It Mean for ETFs?

Post-financial crisis, the volume of outstanding bonds has grown. At the same time, however, consolidation among banks and broker/dealers has cut the number of market makers, and new regulations have reduced the capital these companies can commit to fixed-income inventories.

How to Manage Clients’ Emotional Reactions to Market Stress

Identifying a client’s emotional profile and understanding how those emotions influence financial decisions can help advisers keep the client on course through difficult times.

The Benefits of Customizing Client Statements

Are customized client statements a good fit for managers and clients?

Creativity Could Give Investors an Advantage

Where do creative investment ideas originate? Are investment managers at the mercy of serendipitous, eureka-like moments and automated screens, or can creativity be learned and inculcated in a firm’s investment process?

Wealth Management Technology: What’s Next?

Adopting some aspects of the robo-advisers’ technology may improve workflow for traditional wealth managers and improve client retention. From micro-IPOs to new applications for big data, evolving technology has the potential to transform wealth management.

What Trends Are Influencing the Future of Wealth Management?

A changing client base driven by demographic shifts will pose challenges for managers, who tend to have different characteristics from the clients they serve. Managers must also deal with an acute talent shortage and difficulty attracting new talent.

Winning over Clients and Employees with Values-Based Investing

From faith-based investing to social activism, some wealth managers serve clients with a different kind of mission statement.

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