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The Russia–Ukraine War and Other Geopolitical Risks

The spillover effect of the Russia-Ukraine War will increase food prices and geopolitical risk throughout the world.

How Long Can Russia Withstand the Sanctions?

The toll of the economic embargo on Russia will be enormous.

Navigating the Fog: Geopolitics and the Global Bond Market

Dan Fuss, CFA, vice chair of Loomis Sayles, has always encouraged analysts and portfolio managers to think broadly about their approach to investment analysis. He provided a global analytical framework through his four Ps — peace (or lack thereof), people, politics, prosperity, and adding perhaps a fifth P for policy and the evolving role of central banks — at the 2015 CFA Institute Fixed-Income Management Conference.

The End of Western Geopolitical Hegemony?

While US hegemony has long been the norm, large-scale geopolitical changes are afoot that may alter the playing field when it comes to financial matters, says Philippa Malmgren.

The Ruble Crisis: Where Oil Goes, the Ruble Follows

The present Russian ruble crisis has drawn many references in the media to the Russian sovereign debt default of 1998. But just how similar or different is the situation today?

What Do Western Sanctions on Russia Mean for Russian Companies?

While geopolitical tensions bubble up between the US, EU, and Russia, Russian businesses are still operating. How is that going?

Poll: Is the Annexation of Crimea the Beginning of a Campaign by Russia to Reestablish the Former USSR’s Borders?

Nearly 50% of our 882 poll respondents believe that the Russian annexation of Crimea could signal the beginning of a campaign to reestablish the borders of the former Soviet Union, reflecting significant anxiety about, as well as a potential misunderstanding of, what motivates Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian state.

Poll: How Important Is an Understanding of Geopolitics to Your Investment Decision-Making Process?

In a world of bewildering complexity, an understanding of the ways in which people, power, personal preferences and geography influence future trends is essential. Furthermore, a simple geopolitical framework can lead to a better understanding of the investment implications of complex world events.

Take 15: Free Markets in Russia

John T. Connor discusses how Russia’s markets are more open and free than commonly thought. He also discusses the growth of the investable universe of companies over the past 15 years. Furthermore, he explains how margin calls on leveraged… READ MORE ›

Jim O’Neill on China vs. Greece and the New “Growth 8”

Jim O’Neill, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and former chief economist of the investment bank, was this year’s keynote speaker at the UC RUSAL President’s Forum at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. He… READ MORE ›

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