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Why the New T+1 Settlement Cycle Matters: A Global Index Provider’s Perspective

Shorter settlement periods are meant to protect market participants. But the new T+1 settlement cycle for US equities may have undesirable knock-on effects for financial market participants around the world, including index fund managers.

Book Review: Modern Security Analysis

With a focus on value investing, this book is full of useful discussions of such topics as creditworthiness, market efficiency, diversification, and financial accounting. It is primarily aimed at investors interested less in trying to predict near-term earnings and the temporal movements of stock prices than in management’s ability to maximize the value of corporate assets.

Book Review: The Art of Value Investing

This book provides a valuable contribution to the industry literature on value investing. It is well written, well organized, and quite enjoyable. It should be read by all investors who are seriously interested in enhancing their understanding of this important field.

Are Structured Products and Complex Credit Assets the Phoenix of the Financial Crisis?

As the Roman epic poet Virgil wrote in the Aeneid, “Fortune favors the brave.” For investors who live by this creed, complex credit assets and structured investments — once the scourge of global financial markets — are beginning to regain… READ MORE ›

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