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Book Review: Money Changes Everything

In this extensive review of the history of finance, William Goetzmann covers the evolution of finance from ancient times to today, historic contributions to the financial system from around the world, and the ways the finance industry has affected the world around it. Interwoven throughout the rigorous history lesson are excellent practical suggestions for today’s investment practitioners based on Goetzmann’s analysis of the events of the past.

Book Review: Wall Street Potholes

The author, together with four other expert money managers, addresses a range of investment topics that pose special dangers to investors, including nontrading REITs, yield dependence, structured notes, hedge funds, Wall Street inefficiency, mutual fund fees, annuities, brokers and fiduciaries, and the future for investors.

Book Review: Get Rich with Dividends

This book is a worthwhile contribution to the retail literature on investing in dividend-growth stocks that offers a credible investment strategy along with a wealth of supporting data and background information.

Book Review: The Energy World is Flat

Daniel Lacalle and Diego Parrilla argue that the same lessons learned from the global flattening caused by the internet revolution apply to global energy, and recent events have lent special importance to this book.

Book Review: Brandes on Value

Well-known value investor Charles H. Brandes, CFA, presents excellent long-term insights into the field of value investing. Examining a broad array of topics that have evolved since his earlier book, Brandes’s basic advice on value investing remains the same: buy cheap with a margin of safety, avoid the herd, and think long term.

Book Review: The Value Proposition

The book is an informative guide for those striving to gain a deeper understanding of and improve their skills in value investing. Its themes include adapting to changing market conditions, defining and calculating intrinsic value, and constructing and rebalancing portfolios.

Book Review: Bonds Are Not Forever: The Crisis Facing Fixed Income Investors

This book is recommended for anyone interested in the contemporary role of bonds in investment portfolios. The author explores the history of debt from ancient to modern times and discusses the growth of derivatives, developments in risk management, inflation in the modern era, the political backdrop of today’s debt standoffs, and why “bonds are not forever.”

Book Review: The Art of Value Investing

This book provides a valuable contribution to the industry literature on value investing. It is well written, well organized, and quite enjoyable. It should be read by all investors who are seriously interested in enhancing their understanding of this important field.

Book Review: The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing

Thoroughly researched and well written, this book makes a valuable contribution to the literature on decision making when both luck and skill are involved. Sports-based examples are used effectively throughout. Anyone interested in making better investment choices will find the book highly informative and useful.

Book Review: The Value Investors

This examination of the strategies of 12 outstanding investors from around the world provides a valuable contribution to the literature on global value styles. Well researched and well written, in addition to being an enjoyable read, this book is a must for anyone even remotely interested in investment management styles.

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