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Social Media

Poll: How Useful Are Social Media Channels in Your Investment Decision-Making Process?

Social media can be a tool for gauging the perceptions of others, be it the market's receptivity to a company's product or the feelings investors have about a particular stock or bond.

Best of 2014: Wealth Management Trends and Challenges

Undoubtedly one of the biggest stories this year was the rise of the robo-advisers and their growth in assets under management (AUM). Retirement security was another big story. But looking in the rearview mirror is only so useful. What's just as important to consider is which trends will continue to influence the advisory business in 2015 and beyond.

Grumpy Cat Means Business

Grumpy Cat is a moneymaker, and we should evaluate why that's surprising.

World Wealth Report 2014: Can Social Media Help Close the Trust Gap?

The latest World Wealth Report makes the case that social media can "reinforce trust by providing a platform for open, meaningful dialogue, which is capable of also driving business."

Yes, You Can Have a Serious Policy Discussion on Twitter (Just Ask the Bank of England)

A look at the UK central bank's successful foray into the risky business of live Twitter chats.

Financial Advisers: Do You Have a Strategy to Attract Millennials?

A new report finds that Millennials are much less likely than the older generations to have contact with financial advisors. And yet they also make up a larger percentage of those with $2 million+ in assets than Gen X. Advisors need to prepare for the new, wealthy clients of the future.

Basic Adviser Strategies for Social Media: Carving out a Niche

According to Michael Kitces of Pinnacle Advisory Group, “social media” is just a new term for the basic networking activities that financial advisers have been using for their entire careers.

Why Financial Advisers Need to Use Social Media

April Rudin, founder and CEO of the Rudin Group, has some compelling reasons for financial advisers to develop a social media presence.

Roundup: India Investment Conference — The Road Ahead for India and Emerging Economies

A collection of highlights from Fourth Annual India Investment Conference. Different sessions at the event explored different views on the tapering of quantitative easing in the United States, specified challenges and key factors in sustaining economic growth in India, predicted future trends of the rupee, highlighted how the global energy landscape is affecting local oil prices, and issued a wake-up call for practitioners regarding ethical issues facing finance industry.

The Facebook IPO: Ethical Violations or Not?

More than a year has passed since the initial public offering of Facebook. The hype that preceded the US$105 billion IPO was matched only by the media frenzy that followed the stock’s botched trading debut and immediate price decline. Headlines alleged conspiracy, insider trading, and selective disclosure. We're asking readers to participate in an online survey and tell us whether they think there were ethical violations.

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