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Tax and Estate Planning

2023 US Wealth Management Outlook: Tax Planning and Wealth Preservation

After a down year for financial markets, investors’ priorities have naturally shifted from growing their assets to preserving their wealth.

The US Tax Outlook: Changing States?

As 2020 winds down, many tax- and residency-related matters are coming to the fore. How should you tackle them with clients?

Top Five Questions Non-US Citizen Clients Ask

US financial advisers will absolutely encounter foreign clients and should be ready to address their questions and concerns.

Grappling with Alzheimer’s: Advising Clients on the High Costs of Aging

Understanding dementia and its financial implications, as well as a host of other eldercare issues, extends well beyond attorneys: It is something every financial adviser with elderly clients, or clients approaching retirement, should know more about.

Five Tax-Savvy Wealth Transfer Strategies

For most U.S. taxpayers, April 15 is a red-letter day. But that doesn’t mean tax matters should be filed and forgotten about until next year. There are several favorable estate, gift, and generating-skipping transfer (GST) tax provisions that are set to expire at the end of the year, unless Congress acts to extend them in the coming months. That means there is still time for your clients to take advantage of larger exclusions and lower tax rates.

The Challenges of Multi-Generational Wealth Management in Asia

Burgeoning wealth in the region has created new challenges for Asian families contemplating succession plans. Two Asia Pacific Investment Conference speakers, Barbara Hauser and Christian Stewart, will examine these issues in detail.

Helping Clients Monetize Privately Owned Businesses

Starting a private business could put you on the path to untold riches. But it could also land you in a precarious financial position.

Prepaid Variable Forwards: Hedging Risk and Deferring Taxes

Think of the name Lauder and the first thing that probably comes to mind is cosmetics. But mention the family to a savvy tax and estates attorney, or a financial adviser who is adept at arranging tax-advantaged transactions, and you may be surprised to hear the words “prepaid variable forward contract.”

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