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What If the US Government Were Valued Like a Company?

If the US government were a normal company, it would have had to declare bankruptcy long ago.

Top 10 Posts from 2018: Chart Crimes, Political Divides, AI, and the Skill Ratio

What Enterprising Investor articles most resonated with readers this year? The results offer an illuminating look into the forces that shaped finance in 2018.

We Are All Doomed — CBO

The US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently published its annual Budget and Economic Outlook, a must-read for anyone interested in where the US economy is heading.

Top Five Articles from March: Inflation, Manager Selection, Skill Ratio

The introduction of the Skill Ratio by Daniel Blais, CFA; Brodie Gay's examination of how inflation is underreported; and an exploration by Ziad Abou Gergi, CFA, of the manager-selection process, are among the top posts from March.

Red States, Blue States: Two Economies, One Nation

Red and blue states vary so much in their economic trajectories that they may as well be two distinct countries, writes Joachim Klement, CFA.

Debt Ceiling Default: No Big Deal?

How critical is the full faith and credit of the United States to the domestic and global economy? Not all that much, according to the latest poll of CFA Institute NewsBrief readers.

Poll: Will a Technical Default on US Government Debt Do Long-Term Damage to the Global Economy?

Governments traditionally have two policy levers to influence the economy: monetary policy and fiscal policy. Many investors have directed their ire at the unprecedented monetary easing of global central bankers over the last several years, but fiscal policy in both Europe and the United States has proven impotent because of unswerving gridlock. Now there is a potential reckoning for fiscal impotency in the form of a fixed debt ceiling in the United States.

Meir Statman’s Proposal for Mandatory US Retirement Savings (Podcast)

The United States is experiencing a retirement crisis. Meir Statman suggests a potential long-term solution: mandating, instead of recommending, US retirement savings.

Fact File: Number of People Over 80 Will Double by 2050 Across OECD Countries

The number of people over 80 will double by 2050, from 3.9% of the population to 9.1% across OECD member countries, and from 4.7% to 11.3% across 27 EU members. It is estimated that up to half of this elderly population will need help coping with their daily needs; yet even today, governments are battling to deliver high-quality care to those with impaired physical and mental abilities.

Poll: Do You See Major Changes in China-US Relations Going Forward?

The two-day Obama-Xi summit at the Annenberg Retreat in California was an unprecedented event in relations between China and the United States. The focus of the summit, as reported, was on enhancing understanding and not on determining immediate deliverables. The summit concluded last week, so we asked readers this week whether they expect to see major changes in China-US relations going forward.

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