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Warren Buffett

Book Review: Think, Act, and Invest Like Warren Buffett

When a new book on investing like Warren Buffett is published, one has to ask what new insight the author can offer. Surprisingly, Larry E. Swedroe has delivered a unique take on the Buffett investment philosophy.

Weekend Reads for Advisers: Psychophaths, Bubbles, and Black Holes

If you are a regular reader of these posts, you won't be surprised by this week's headline and range of articles. But if this is your first time, and you're wondering what psychopaths, bubbles, and black holes have to do with being a professional investor and/or financial adviser, the answer is simple: "Investing demands that you be a polymath — knowing a lot about many things (including nonfinancial topics) and how those things interconnect into an organic whole."

Currency War III: How Will It Play Out?

James Rickards says we are in the midst of the third currency war since the 1920s, triggered by central bank efforts to pull the world economy out of a structural depression.

13F Watch: Buffett Buys Exxon Mobil, Ackman and Berkowitz Target Fannie and Freddie

The latest quarterly filings show that fund managers as a group increased their technology exposure while trimming consumer staples and financials.

Are Too Many Long-Term Investors Too Short-Term?

Do not have too much confidence in the correctness of your present, firmly held investment beliefs. After all, many roads can lead to investment success.

Stubborn Analysts May Become Stubborn Portfolio Managers

I worry when I see a poorly performing fund with low turnover rates that we could be experiencing one of the biggest untaught risks in portfolios: stubbornness.

13F Watch: Managers Add Financials and Trim Energy as Hedge Funds Remain under Fire

In the second quarter of 2013, institutional investors added to their equity holdings in the financial sector while reducing their exposure to energy stocks. Among the most widely held stocks, portfolio managers as a group added to positions in Microsoft, General Motors, Cisco, and Intel, and trimmed positions in Pfizer, Oracle, General Electric, and AT&T.

Proving Investment Selection Processes

The purpose of this post is to examine two opposite selection processes, (1) Picking winners and (2) Avoiding losers; as well as to discuss the provability of these or any selection processes before-hand.

Book Review: Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything

This enjoyable collection of articles about and by Warren Buffett gives readers the opportunity to learn about his business achievements. Even seasoned readers who have tracked Buffett’s career for decades are likely to find enough new material to pique their interest.

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