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Top Five Articles from February: Buffett, Bernanke, and the Trials of Decision Making

Highlights from February include a guide to better decision making by Lauren Foster; an analysis of how to assimilate market sentiment and crowd psychology to make intelligent investment decisions from Greg Blotnick, CFA; a Todd Wenning, CFA, review of Yefei Lu's take on the unparalleled investment mind of Warren Buffett; a synopsis of Ben Bernanke's recent insights on the economy from John Bowman, CFA; and a discussion of the meaning behind labels like "emerging" and "frontier" market as analyzed by Will Ortel.

Book Review: Inside the Investments of Warren Buffett

In four parts, author Yefei Lu covers specific cases from Warren Buffett’s career. Lu digs through old annual reports, Moody’s Investors Service manuals, and partnership letters to provide the reader with the key data points and metrics that Buffett would have seen when he first researched the 20 businesses. This kind of valuation work should be of great interest to equity analysts and value-minded portfolio managers.

Top 10 Posts from 2016: How to Read Financial News, Active Investing

The end of the year is a good time to look back and take stock. What Enterprising Investor articles did readers find most compelling in 2016? The results are illuminating. Our top content runs the gamut from the granular — tightly focused, practice-oriented material on starting a firm and what to read to stay informed — to more "big picture" analysis on negative interest rates and the ongoing active vs. passive debate. Taken together, they reflect the currents at work in the investment management profession at both the system-wide and individualized levels.

Weekend Reads: Summer Olympics Edition

Gold, a bitcoin hack, and which Olympic events are the most "watchable," are just a few of this week's Weekend Reads offerings.

Top Five Articles from May: Helicopter Money and the Earnings Avalanche

In the leading Enterprising Investor posts from May, Mark Harrison, CFA, imagines a world without the insight of the late Jack L. Treynor; Sameer S. Somal, CFA, considers the intangibles of having your own firm; and Scott Krisiloff, CFA, plows through the recent avalanche of earnings reports for a sense of the consensus C-suite view on the economy.

The C-Suite Speaks: Ongoing Weakness

Oil companies are now optimistic, Elon Musk sleeps at the office, and Warren Buffett had a number of words of wisdom at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

Does the Buffett Bet Signal the End of Active Management?

Warren Buffett and Protégé Partners entered into a 10-year bet on whether an index fund would outperform a portfolio of hedge funds. With two years remaining, Buffett leads by a wide margin. So what does that mean for the active vs. passive debate?

Top Five Articles from March: Warren’s Wisdom, China, and Smart Beta

Among the leading posts from last month are an analysis of how conventional wisdom is often wrong by Mark Harrison, CFA; an examination of Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne's long-term strategy by Svi Rosov, PhD, CFA; and Will Ortel's bearish, chart-filled interview with Gordon Chang on the prospects for China's economy.

Essential Listening: Disruption Theory

The origins of the ETF industry, frequent-flier miles, and income inequality are among the topics explored in Tadas Viskanta's latest compilation of podcasts.

The C-Suite Speaks: Warren’s Wisdom

Last week was a slow one for earnings calls, but Warren Buffett did do an interview with CNBC that featured classic Buffett wisdom.

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