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The Proxy Adviser Saga Continues: CFA Institute Weighs In on the Latest Contemplated Changes to the SEC Proposal

CFA Institute believes that investors must maintain full control of their proxy voting decisions, including the ability to cast their votes any time they wish. Here's a roundup of CFA Institute positions regarding the SEC's proposal on Amendments to Exemptions from the Proxy Rules for Proxy Voting Advice.

Alejandra Grindal Examines Global Economic Prospects

Alejandra Grindal, senior international economist for Ned Davis Research Group, reviewed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected economies and what it suggests for recovery in the future.

Curt Mercadante Discusses Building a Brand and Influencing Others

Like it or not, everyone has a personal brand. At the 73rd CFA Institute Annual Virtual Conference, author and branding expert Curt Mercadante shared ways to build your brand and insights into creating content.

Amy Morin on Enhancing Mental Strength in a Time of Crisis

At the 73rd CFA Institute Annual Virtual Conference, psychotherapist Amy Morin shared practical details for being stronger when it matters most.

Striking the Right Balance: Revising the Accredited Investor Definition

The SEC has proposed to amend the accredited investor definition, which could open the door for eventual recognition of the CFA® charter as a qualifying designation allowing them to participate in private markets.

Global Careers in Wealth Management: A Conversation with Marg Franklin, CFA

“The people who combine education with ethics and integrity will have the edge.”

Donald Altman Explains How to Stay Effective with Mindfulness

We can't control the stress of our current environment, but we can still choose our own attitude. Donald Altman recommends choosing mindfulness and gratitude.

Know What You Don’t Know: Six Tips from Howard Marks, CFA

“Superior investing has to come from correct idiosyncratic decisions,” says Howards Marks, CFA.

Stressed? Daniel Crosby Says Let it RAIN

In the current environment, many financial professionals will need to manage their own stress along with their stressed-out clients.

The NMC Health Debacle: Four Red Flags?

Could the predictive models have anticipated NMC’s earnings manipulation and bankruptcy risk?