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Daniel J. Levitin Offers an Alternative to Multi-Tasking

Neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin shared his recommendations for people trying to deal with information overload and accomplish more at work.

Ronald N. Kahn: Seven Trends in Investment Management

BlackRock's Ronald N. Kahn says big data is neither a gimmick nor a guarantee of success for the challenges confronting active management.

Sharing Global Insights and Local Expertise

London has been a global financial capital for centuries, and this week it will host the investment industry’s largest and longest-running educational gathering of investment professionals.

Ethics in Practice: Handling Employee Misconduct. Case and Analysis–Week of 6 May

Test your knowledge of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and practice your ethical decision making by working through the case below and supporting your answer choice in the conversation. Check back for the analysis posted later in the week.

What Makes a Great Investor?

What differentiates the Warren Buffetts and Peter Lynches of the world from the run-of-the-mill investor?

Candidates With Both ESG Knowledge and Investment Experience Are Key to Furthering ESG Integration

It’s no secret that although the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) job market has skyrocketed, investment firms and sell-side research providers have found it hard to recruit professionals with both ESG knowledge and investment experience. ESG teams often… READ MORE ›

Bond Compass: The Fixed-Income Outlook

Investors are not yet betting on a recession, State Street's Michael Metcalfe tells Dan O'Connor, CAIA. But they have reduced their holdings of high-yield corporate debt.

Option-Based Strategies: Opt In or Opt Out?

Do option-based strategies offer any value to investors?

Sustainability, Technology, and Disruption: Key Themes for Investment Professionals in 2019

The 72nd CFA Institute Annual Conference will highlight Disruption: The New Reality in Investment Management, focusing on disruption and its effects on the global investment profession.

Sunset Provisions for Dual-Class Share Structures?

New findings challenge the dominant view that dual-class voting is suboptimal.