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Measuring Corporate Impact: The Gold Is in the Details

Do the products and services of the companies you invest in create negative or positive material outcomes?

Is Widespread Crypto Adoption Inevitable?

New technologies always face resistance, but demographic shifts imply there is a fierce tailwind behind crypto adoption, politically, economically, and financially.

Book Review: Shocks, Crises, and False Alarms

Carlsson-Szlezak and Swartz attempt to add fresh thinking on framing macro shocks that may often prove to be false alarms. Any general reader will obtain some key fresh insights with this work, and CFA charterholders will be offered an alternative to the conventional Wall Street approach to macro discussions.

CFA Institute Launches Asset Owner Survey

This survey asks asset owners about how they manage assets, report performance, and consider the GIPS® standards when doing so.

Preserving the Dollar: The Role of CBDCs in Securing Economic Stability for Future Generations

As financial systems evolve, preserving the US dollar's dominance will require skillful policy management and the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Can Equal Weight Solve Our Concentration Crisis? Not So Fast…

Mega-cap concentration has exploded since 2015. The corollary to an increasingly top-heavy benchmark is that market diversification and breadth have never been more limited. A multifactor methodology can be a restorative balance to US equities when more traditional measures fall short.

In Search of the Elusive Neutral Interest Rate

With Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's semiannual address to the Senate Banking Committee this week fresh in mind, it is an ideal time to consider the drivers of r*.

Commodities for the Long Run?

Asset classes such as commodities have historically had notable diversification benefits for longer-term investors who are concerned with inflation.

Vanguard’s Former OCIO Clients Must Stand Their Ground

Vanguard's OCIO clients should be wary of the higher-fee active funds and alternative investments that are now open to them.

Are Your Data Governance and Management Practices Keeping Pace with the AI Boom?

No matter how sophisticated and expensive a firm's AI tools are, it should not forget that the principle “garbage in, garbage out” (GIGO) applies to the entire investment management process.