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Video: Secretary General of CFA France on the Eurozone Crisis, Employment Outlook

Investment professionals in France are focused on the eurozone crisis — and the opportunities for employment both within and beyond the country's borders, says Philippe Maupas, CFA.

Asset Manager Code Recognized as Best Practice by International Corporate Governance Network

A leading global organization working to promote good corporate governance practices recently recommended that asset holders ask investment firms to comply with requirements of the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. The International Corporate Governance… READ MORE ›

Five Geopolitical Tipping Points from the CEO of Oxford Analytica

Nader Mousavizadeh on the rise of the BRICs, the risks of America's "empire mindset," and the dated power structures of the mid-20th century.

Three Perspectives on Crisis Economics

A trio of accomplished monetary and fiscal policy experts will provide fresh insights on economic crisis management in Paris

Weigh in on Proxy Voting Policies — Time Is Running out

Anyone who pays attention to corporate proxy season each year — and maybe even reads a proxy statement or two — knows the role advisory firms play in influencing the final vote in many corporate proxies. These proxy advisory… READ MORE ›

Europe’s Plan for Saving the Euro

An overview of the major provisions of the 27 October agreement, from the Greek haircut, to bank recapitalizations, to the creation of a €1 trillion firewall.

Investors: Enhance Financial Instrument Risk Disclosures

CFA Institute has released a study on the need to improve the quality of financial instrument risk disclosures among financial and non-financial institutions. The study comes at a time when investor vulnerability to the risks of on- and… READ MORE ›

Investment Professionals: Are You Earning Your Keep?

CFA Institute sees a long road ahead in terms of restoring investor confidence. Poll after poll reflects poorly on the financial industry. It is a function of not only the deep-cutting financial crisis still unfolding but a constant barrage… READ MORE ›

The Bizarro World of FAS 159

Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld titled “The Bizarro Jerry”? In this episode, which was based on Bizarro Superman, everything is backwards, i.e., up is down, down is up, in is out, out is in.

Well, financial institutions have… READ MORE ›

Fighting the Dark Angels

At a recent compliance conference co-sponsored by CFA Institute, Board of Governors Vice Chair Alan Meder, CFA, CFP, challenged attendees to create a culture of integrity at… READ MORE ›