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Beyond the Conference

As a city that is rich in both history and culture, Edinburgh offers unique opportunities to visit some of Scotland’s most famous monuments and castles. We have organized a number of… READ MORE ›

SEC’s Small Comment on Expert Networks Has Big Impact

At the recent Annual IA Compliance Best Practices Seminar, the SEC offered some of its strongest language yet in clarifying its view of expert networks.

While the bulk of the speech by Carlo di Florio, director of the… READ MORE ›

The Company Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

The Financial Times brings news this week of the chilling practice of corporate retaliation against securities analysts who are negative on a company’s prospects. The FT story is similar to anecdotes we hear from CFA Institute members… READ MORE ›

Pension Plans — Assuming the Best in the Worst of Times

CFA Institute has spent considerable time developing a code of conduct for pension trustees. The Pension Trustee Code of Conduct (PDF) is not a how-to manual or another entry into the parade of best-practice guidelines for… READ MORE ›

Financial Crisis Fallout: How Much Longer?

In a recent global survey, CFA Institute members were asked to reflect on the following statement:
The current global credit crisis has severely impacted market trust and confidence. Approximately how long do you believe the impact of the… READ MORE ›

Speakers on the Web: Axel Merk

Axel Merk, president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments, is a regular on news networks such as Bloomberg and CNBC. He… READ MORE ›

Materiality — Is There a Line?

Against the backdrop of the start of the insider trading case against hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam, Baruch College’s Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity at the City University of New York (CUNY) hosted a symposium on Tuesday, 8… READ MORE ›

GIPS Compliance and Hedge Funds: Yes, It Is Possible and Necessary

Since the financial crisis, investors are more interested than ever in the ethics and integrity of investment management firms. Since their introduction in 1999, the GIPS standards have been recognized as industry best practice for calculating… READ MORE ›

The Rush for Transparency Exemptions in Derivatives

First it was small and commercial issuers looking for an exemption to the new rules for over-the-counter derivatives. Fair enough, they weren’t responsible for the systemic meltdown, and making them trade truly bespoke instruments on… READ MORE ›

Inviting Trouble

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently issued a draft of its proposed executive compensation rules. Like their regulatory brethren in the banking sector, the Commission was commanded by Sec. 956 of Dodd-Frank… READ MORE ›