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Veteran Investor Felix Zulauf: Bullish on Gold, Bearish on Everything Else

The S&P 500 could drop by as much as 20%, the euro will fail, and the United States is in permanent decline, he argued.

Delegate Polling: Market Volatility, Sovereign Risk, and Rising Inflation Are Key Concerns

Audience polling conducted at last week's 64th CFA Institute Annual Conference casts a spotlight on the investment risks that are top of mind for global investment professionals.

Rajan and Smithers: Fault Lines, Bubbles, and Clean-Ups

In separate sessions at the 64th Annual Conference, the Chicago Booth finance professor and the London-based financial consultant each discussed risks on the horizon for global investors.

Jim Rogers: Bullish on China, Commodities, and Agriculture

The author, commentator, and global investor says agriculture "will be the next huge industry in the decades to come."

How to Overcome the Flaws in Your Financial Memory

Keeping a diary of the motivations and risks of your trades removes hindsight and attribution biases, says Wellershoff & Partners' Joachim Klement, CFA.

Fiscal Sustainability “Denial” Cannot Continue Forever, Says Willem Buiter

Citi's London-based chief economist says the U.S. and Japan's ability to borrow at risk-free rates despite weak fiscal positions could trigger a revolt by bond market vigilantes as early as 2013.

Responding to Fallout from the Financial Crisis

Jon Stokes, head of Standards of Practice at CFA Institute, outlines how the global association is equipping investment professionals to meet new challenges posed by regulatory reform and a loss of trust.

Behavioral Economist Meir Statman: Emotions Get in the Way of What Investors Really Want

We invest ostensibly for utilitarian benefits, says the Santa Clara University finance professor, but all too often emotion trumps reason.

CFA UK’s Will Goodhart Discusses 64th Annual Conference on BBC Radio 4

Will Goodhart, Chief executive of the CFA Society of the UK, discusses the 64th Annual Conference on the BBC Radio 4 morning program "Today."

Responding to Fallout from the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis and collapsing asset values have led to a substantial loss of trust by investors in both their investment managers and massive regulatory reform efforts. Whether the magnitude of these responses is warranted has been… READ MORE ›