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EU: More Women on Boards

Have you noticed that women are typically under-represented in the boardrooms? Well, at least this is the case in Europe, where just one in 10 board members at Europe’s biggest companies are women and, in 97% of cases, the… READ MORE ›

Of Credit Rating Agencies and Charlie Sheen

We have written previously on the sorry state of play regarding the role and practices of credit rating agencies (CRAs). Indeed, few players in the financial crisis caused more rancour than CRAs for their enabling… READ MORE ›

Derivatives Dithering Drives Dilemma

In the just released CFA Institute Financial Market Integrity Outlook Survey (PDF), derivatives reigned supreme as the No. 1 global concern for financial markets. CFA Institute members in eight of the 16 largest markets surveyed indicated that… READ MORE ›

Speakers in the News: Meir Statman

Meir Statman is Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University and visiting professor at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. At the Annual Conference,… READ MORE ›

Global Ethics — the Road Ahead

I recently completed a very educational and encouraging round of meetings in the various markets in which CFA Institute has local membership groups, or “societies.”  What I’ve heard and experienced over the two-month-long process is remarkable… READ MORE ›

2011 Taxonomy Updates — Did You Notice?

For those working for accounting firms or public companies that file with the U.S. SEC, the regulator’s adoption of the 2011 U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy likely appeared on your radar. The same people likely took… READ MORE ›

Preparing CD&A for “Say on Pay”

Just in time for the 2011 proxy season — and the Dodd-Frank mandated “say-on-pay” rules — CFA Institute has released the Compensation Discussion and Analysis Template (PDF). Based on input from issuer and… READ MORE ›

CFA Institute Meets with FASB

CFA Institute along with its advisory committee, the Corporate Disclosure Policy Council (CDPC), recently held its annual meeting with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), available by audio webcast.
The 11 February meeting was… READ MORE ›

Stress-Free Stress Tests

ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger has an interesting piece out on the latest round of “stress tests” required by the Federal Reserve. The Fed won plaudits for its handling of stress testing of… READ MORE ›

Financial Reporting: Convergence Debate Is Going Condo

As if financial reporting rules were not already sufficiently technical, the U.S. SEC is making up new lingo to sell the idea of having a single accounting language in the U.S.
Currently, the average analyst and… READ MORE ›