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Corporate Governance Update November 2011: Canada Sets High Bar. Australia Throws First Strikes.

Europe — Corporate Governance Changes in the Midst of the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Given the trajectory of headlines around the European financial crisis, by the time you read this post, the EU may not exist as an economic union. But… READ MORE ›

Key Players In the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Complicating matters in resolving the European sovereign debt crisis have been the large number of players each of whom has a stake in the outcome of the crisis.

Fatally Flawed: Compliance without Ethics in the Investment Industry

A regulatory compliance program that is not centered on ethics and a strong ethical culture risks not being adequate or effective, according to Carlo V. di Florio, director of the U.S. SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE). In a… READ MORE ›

Book Review: No-Hype Options Trading

The trading of options is quite mysterious to many investors. Some view the use of options as nothing more than gambling. One may place small bets with the potential for very large gains. Unfortunately, just like bets at a casino, the options trader who bets on a large move in the price of an asset is rarely the winner because most such bets expire worthless. As Kerry W. Given (a.k.a. Dr. Duke), founder of Parkwood Capital, points out in No-Hype Options Trading: Myths, Realities, and Strategies That Really Work, “The casino establishes a game where the casino holds a statistical edge. . . . Your model for trading options should be the casino owner, not the player at the tables.” His goal is to teach investors how to profit from the use of options while intelligently managing the risks involved.

REIT Governance: from Father to Son but at What Price?

As the recent K-REIT acquisition of 87.5 percent of Ocean Financial Centre from K-REIT parent company Keppel Land — and whether the deal was fair to minority shareholders — continues to hog the limelight, the Monetary Authority of… READ MORE ›

Take 15: Evaluating Performance Attributions and New Models to Measure Risk

Carl R. Bacon, CIPM, a performance measurement specialist, discusses the evolution of performance attribution, the latest developments in performance measurement, and the issue of ex post risk.

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News: the Decline of Finance

As if the stalemate in the Super Committee weren’t enough to worry U.S. investors, speakers at the recent Investing Conference held at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business (co-sponsored by CFA Institute) were abundantly clear that this… READ MORE ›

Daniel Kahneman: Financial Advisers Aren’t Immune from the “Illusion of Skill”

A few weeks ago, Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel prize-winning psychologist and pioneer of behavioral economics, wrote a fascinating article in The New York Times Magazine that examines the illusion of skill as it… READ MORE ›

Book Review: Wealth Building Strategies in Energy Metals and Other Markets

Although not a pioneering work, Wealth Building Strategies in Energy, Metals, and Other Markets details easily accessible and timely methods for navigating upcoming investment markets that are sure to be stormy. Author Chris Waltzek, host of a weekly broadcast on, focuses on a few economically sensitive sectors — namely, energy, metals, and real estate. The book consists of three sections: “Successful Investing,” “The Housing Bubble,” and “Banking—Super Profits.”