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Speaker Preview: Central Bankers Ignore Stock Market Valuations at Their Peril, Says Andrew Smithers

The London-based founder and chairman of Smithers & Co. has an important message for monetary policymakers.

Speaker Preview: Citi’s Willem H. Buiter on the Drivers of Global Growth

Forget terms like "emerging markets" and "BRIC" countries. The new growth metric is "3G," says the chief economist of Citi Investment Research & Analysis.

Delegates’ Guide: What to See and Do in Edinburgh

For delegates attending the 64th CFA Institute Annual Conference, there's plenty to see and do in between Conference sessions.

Japan: Change In A Time Of Crisis

They say that crisis often provides the inspiration for great change. If true, then Japan should be on the verge of a great renaissance as a consequence of enduring more than its share of crises in the past 6… READ MORE ›

CFA Institute Discusses Key Financial Reporting Projects With IASB

CFA Institute along with its advisory committee, the Corporate Disclosure Policy Council (CDPC), recently held its annual meeting with the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).
The meeting was… READ MORE ›

Looking Beyond Listings

Rumor has it that animosity at the top is behind NYSE Euronext Inc.’s rejection of Nasdaq OMX Group’s enhanced takeover bid, though a potential antitrust review would provide a more understandable pretext for refusal. If and when things ever… READ MORE ›

CFA Conference Connect

New at the 64th Annual Conference: Expand your networking opportunities with CFA Conference Connect!

Ethics Reform: Washington Is Not the Answer

Joanne Lipman’s recent Newsweek column “Are Ethics for Suckers?” strongly implies that Wall Street can’t help but lie, cheat, and steal. The “culture of success” in an arena where “alpha men and women” are “playing for super… READ MORE ›

Weight a Minute!

We were pleased to have the chance to respond to a recent letter in Pensions & Investments suggesting that pension plan sponsors should calculate their plan-level performance using internal rates of… READ MORE ›

Speaker Change: Julie McDowell

Julie McDowell of Standard Life Investments will be replacing Ken Costa at this year’s CFA Institute 64th Annual Conference in Edinburgh. Ms. McDowell’s session, “Adding Value through Values: The Evolution of… READ MORE ›