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Exploring Cross-Sectional Effects of Inflation

Financial Analysts Journal (November/December 2013)

The US generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) do not require adjustments for inflation, so financial statements are reported in nominal terms. This struck Yaniv Konchitchki as problematic. In his recently published article “Accounting and the Macroeconomy: The Case of Aggregate Price-Level Effects on Individual Stocks,” Konchitchki examines stock-valuation effects of aggregate price-level changes on individual companies. Read more

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Roundup: India Investment Conference — The Road Ahead for India and Emerging Economies

India Investment Conference 2014

A collection of highlights from Fourth Annual India Investment Conference. Different sessions at the event explored different views on the tapering of quantitative easing in the United States, specified challenges and key factors in sustaining economic growth in India, predicted future trends of the rupee, highlighted how the global energy landscape is affecting local oil prices, and issued a wake-up call for practitioners regarding ethical issues facing finance industry. Read more

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Weekend Reads for Investors: Fama, Forecasts, and the CAPE Debate

Weekend Reads

Perhaps not surprisingly, global equity markets have gotten off to a rather sluggish start in 2014. Emerging market stocks continue to lag while European markets, up slightly, lead developed markets. In the US, stocks have met little resistance since experiencing a 19% correction in the summer of 2011. Since World War II, US stocks have seen 10% corrections, on average, every 18 months. This may be cause for concern for some investors. And with valuation multiples stretched, corporate earnings are also undoubtedly on the minds of investors. Read more

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