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India’s Infrastructure Investments: Huge Opportunities but No Takers

India’s Infrastructure Investments: Huge Opportunities but No Takers

It’s no secret that big economies poised for rapid growth need robust infrastructure. Without the latter’s proper support, expansion will slow or worse, stall. This need is especially acute in India, where infrastructure development has lagged woefully behind that of the economy. With such pressing demand, there have been plenty of projects up for bidding. But investors are not biting. Read more


Warren Buffett Is Wrong: The Bitcoin Proof


When I first took a serious look at bitcoin, I focused on its potential as a currency. It was hard not to notice the enthusiasm for bitcoin among a number of its proponents. But I balked nevertheless. I felt that bitcoin would have a common enemy in governments around the world, implying that it would be outlawed, burdened with onerous regulation, taxed, or otherwise butchered beyond recognition by policy. Read more


Weekend Reads for Investors: Market Forecasts, the Wall of Worry, and Oil

Weekend Reads

Fund managers are generally an optimistic lot, especially in the midst of a bull market, but even more so at the start of each new year. The turning of the calendar has become a popular occasion for introspection, an appraisal of what might have gone wrong—a lot for active managers in 2014—and, unfortunately, predictions. The ubiquitous “Top Ten” lists, while generally entertaining, are as much marketing pitches as they are serious reading. Below are some other stories that caught my eye in recent weeks. Read more

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